Smilk milk and Colostrum Infant, baby, toddler, child milk powder and products based on colostrum by Milk Powders Company

Smilk MAX milk


Our company, observing notes and comments on Facebook posts (Welcome to and meeting the needs of mothers and their children, has created another series of milk for babies and children, Smilk MAX. Mom's suggestions were taken into account that, for unspecified reasons, the product should not contain any vegetable fats, including palm or coconut fat.
We offer 4 types of milk for your kids depending on the age of the baby.
We pack Smilk MAX in cans of 400 and 900 grams.

Smilk MAX 1 – for newborns and infants and from birth to six months of age,


Smilk MAX 2 – For babies from six to twelve months,


Smilk MAX 3 – For toddlers aged one to two years old,


Smilk MAX 4 – For toddlers over two years of age.


Note! Breastfeeding is the best form of infant nutrition. Therefore, the decision to feed a child with modified milk should be consulted with a specialist in the field of infant and child nutrition.